3 Simple Ways to Be More Intentional in 2017

1.  Make time for fellowship with the Father.

Connecting with the heart of the Father is something we must do with intention. We need to practice conversation, listening and speaking. We need to make time
for conversation outside of difficult circumstances in order to reap the full benefit of being His much-loved child. When we can connect with the heart of the Father in quiet, meditative moments we are able to access his full majesty and lovingkindness. In this video, Graham explains how soaking brings people into moments of intimacy just like this. With this in mind, Graham created The Devotional Soaking Series, a 3-part series to bring peace to troubled minds and make our inner man accessible to God. Taking time daily or weekly to just be with the Father will open your eyes to the immeasurably benefits of intentional time relaxing and conversing with the Father.


2. Keep a journal of your promises and inheritance words.

Journaling can look different for everyone; the important thing is remembering to record our processes in certain areas, whether it be areas you are struggling and learning to listen for what God wants for you, or it’s an inheritance you’re unearthing. Taking a few extra moments to record the changes in our mindsets and the upgrades we are moving toward will unearth unexpected treasures in every area of life. In Joyful Intentionality, Allison Bown offers a freeing perspective on journaling and its importance for a truly intentional lifestyle.


3. Move your mindset away from “achievement” and toward “evidences of transformation.”

Another brilliant idea from Allison Bown is the idea of “Evidences of Transformation,” which is a subtle mindset shift from the idea of achievement or completion of a task. In this article written by Allison Bown she explains the overwhelming benefit of intentional evaluation through questioning rather than performance-based goals. You can read the article in its entirety here.

2017 is a new start and a brilliant opportunity to discover more about ourselves and about the Kingdom. Surrounded by  an encouraging community and armed with brilliant resources, we know we have the opportunity to make it a year of incredible blessing, grace and joy.



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