4 Brilliant Resources for Practicing Gratitude


As 2016 comes to a close, it’s important that we spend time in reflection, considering how things have changed, what things have stayed the same, and what we are looking forward to ahead. Most importantly, in our reflection, we should consider all there is to be thankful for, and acknowledge the countless blessings from God that work themselves into our live every day. We’ve compiled a list of five brilliant resources from Brilliant Book House, Brilliant Perspectives and Youtube to help you in cultivating a deeper sense of gratitude.

1. Times of Refreshing at Brilliant Book House

Times of Refreshing is a single-session audio teaching where Graham speaks about the empowerment we receive from living a lifestyle of rejoicing. This teaching offers so much wisdom regarding joy and gratitude and is the perfect length for listening to in the car or at home during meditative devotional time. As an added bonus, from now through Christmas, you can purchase a copy of Times of Refreshing on MP3 for 25% off. Check it out.

2. “How to Grow in Faith” an article by Allison Bown at Brilliant Perspectives

In this article by Allison Bown, she writes about how our faith is a response to God’s ability instead of our own. Further she discusses how our faith grows through gratitude, because thanksgiving is an act of receiving. If you want a quick read that’s full of wisdom, don’t miss this brilliant article.

3. Brilliant Thoughts Video: Disempower Your Disappointment

The Brilliant TV Youtube Page is a great place for free video content from Graham, and new videos are added regularly. The Brilliant Thoughts Video, “Disempower Your Disappointment” is a short video from Graham that will remind you the importance of not dwelling on the disappointments in life. A subtle shift in mindset like this can open up the door to a lifestyle of joy, gratitude and peace. Watch it now.

4. Living in Dependency & Wonder at Brilliant Book House

In the final book of The Being with God series, Graham writes extensively about the importance of discovering the joy of a dependent and focused life in Christ. It is through the favor and lovingkindness of the Father that we are able to see our full worth and potential in the Kingdom. If that doesn’t give you cause to be grateful, what possibly could? Now through Christmas, the eBook version of Living in Dependency & Wonder is 25% off, order your copy today.


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A Brand New Perspective: A Look at The Brilliant Thinking Collection

Are you living in everything that God intended when He put you in Christ?

What does it actually mean to be ALIVE in Christ?

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The Brilliant Thinking Collection includes Graham’s most-beloved series, The Art of Thinking Brilliantly, and its follow-up series, Mind of a Saint. It also includes Radical Perceptions, a book of 52 short phrases, quotes and essays that was created to help readers expand their thinking in manageable doses. As an added bonus, with every purchase of brilliant-thinking-collection_christmas.jpgthis collection you’ll receive a FREE wrapped gift from Brilliant Book House.

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