Do I Really Have Permission?


“How do I know if God is saying ‘Yes’?” is a question I had for years and hear often from others. For me, the answer has come from one of my key Inheritance Scriptures, Isaiah 30. The first words that God highlighted to me in this passage were in verse 21: “Your ears shall hear a word behind you saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it’….” I spent a great deal of time meditating on that phrase as my life continued to move from one leap of faith to the next, as I trusted His promise that I would hear His guiding Voice.

But it wasn’t until several months after He initially highlighted this truth that I began to comprehend the second half of the verse: “Your ears shall hear a word behind you saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it’, whenever you turn to the right hand or the left.” How could I have missed that? Continue reading


What’s the Frame for Your Life?


“Reframing helps people to reinterpret problems and find solutions by changing their frame of reference in which the problem is first perceived.”
~ Graham Cooke in “Reframing”, Session 2 of The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

 In addition to being a career architect, my father was an artist…a fairly good one. People passing his work at an art show often had to look twice to determine if it was a painting or a photograph. The subject matter was usually landscapes and I’m thankful that my home is now filled with those amazing works of art.

However, as soon as these paintings came into my possession, I knew where my next stop would be: the frame store.

While my father’s work was truly excellent, his ability to choose an appropriate frame was (in my opinion) very, very limited. Even though it was the 1970s and 80s, there really is no excuse for anything other than a massive Rembrandt at the Louvre to be placed in a heavy, gold crusted frame. Yet, those were the frames my father loved. Gold, black velvet trim and lots of carving.

The power of reframing became readily apparent the moment his beautiful Yosemite image settled into its new wood frame in my living room and his lovely lady-at-the-stream found a fresh white-washed border. It may have only been a frame, but it changed everything about the image inside of it. Continue reading

Be a Part of a Passionate, Growing Community of Warriors

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The Warrior Class is Graham Cooke’s official intercessory prayer team and a developmental training community. Allison Bown is the Director of The Warrior Class and has been a close associate of Graham’s and an invaluable part of the Brilliant community for many years. It is her passion to bring together likeminded individuals who wants to explore the Kingdom together, unearth new treasure, and fight as warriors, not foot-soldiers.

The Warrior Class is a group of  men and women who recognize at least one of Graham’s Kingdom Assignments as their own. Their passion for this fight brings purpose to their learning and praying, not only for Graham’s ministry, but in their own relationships with God.

If you are looking for a passionate, enthusiastic community to experience the Kingdom and explore new realms of the Father’s passion for you, The Warrior Class is an incredible resource that will allow you to learn and grow at your own pace while providing you with support and pushing you to grow.

For more information on The Warrior Class training program and how to apply, please visit

Run Your Own Race


Long distance runners race for a variety of reasons. Speed and time to the finish line are not their only measures. Many will never match a world-class pace, but all have their own uniquely wonderful course to complete. Dick Hoyt is just such a runner. When his teenage son, Rick, came to him and expressed his desire to participate in a 5k fund-raiser for a local boy who had been paralyzed, Dick said “Okay”. They ran their first race together and Rick loved it. (Dick says he was just glad he survived it.) Then Rick asked if they could do another race, a marathon. The marathon took more training, but together, they did it. Eventually, they entered the Iron Man Triathlon, one of the most grueling swim/bike/run events on the planet. And together, Dick and Rick finished that one too. Their times were not record setting or even competitive, but everyone was amazed at this father and son running team. You see, Rick was born with cerebral palsy and is a spastic quadriplegic Since 1977, when Rick was fifteen years old, Dick has invented ways to swim, bike and run with his son in tow for over thirty-seven years.

Everyone’s race is different and has its own distinctive value. Continue reading