Identity Makes All the Difference: A Brilliant Testimony from Angela Chapman


The thing I have always loved about Graham has been his focus on identity. The Warrior Class forced me to put that love in writing, which has been an awesome experience. And the reality of the importance of identity just keeps growing, like a rose reaching its fullest fragrance.

This past winter, I experienced a personal perfect storm. Having never had health problems in all my 67 years, I got them all at once. High blood pressure, palpitations, back and foot pain from plantar fasciitis, excessive tiredness… didn’t know who I was any more. By the end of the year, visits to doctors had been of no help, and only God was my redeemer. I remember saying to Him in the midst of my pain, “I have never known you as healer, never had a miracle personally, and I would really like to have that happen right now.” A desperate prayer. One that was answered in unexpected ways. Who is smiling right now?

I have a dear friend I walk beside who suffers far more than I could even begin to experience. In my praying for her and talking with her about a particular rough season she was having with night terrors, God downloaded a beautiful revelation with a crafted prayer to help her in the night season. I had never had trouble sleeping until the palpitations and anxiety started, so as I desperately prayed that prayer for myself on January 1st as I went to sleep, remembering fondly that a new year always brought me new revelation.
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Faith Is the Currency of the Kingdom


Faith is God’s gift to us so that we can see in the present and future.

In the present, He gives faith in the form of promises so that we can become like Him in His nature. When God gives you a promise, He gives you Himself. He gives you a promise so that you can see what He sees, so you can confess it to Him and rejoice, so that you can walk towards its reality, and you can cooperate with God in the circumstances that you are in. Continue reading

Crafting a Prayer: An Activation from Crafted Prayer


Prayer is not meant to be used like a fisherman’s net to trawl for the will of God. Instead, we use prayer to pray the will of God, and that brings us into a place of faith and proclamation. We grow in confidence in the will of God, as our prayers change us to be more like Him. We have decided to follow the process that God has ordained in the circumstances He has allowed to unfold. Continue reading

Letting Go of Baggage


Often the baggage that we carry around the most was given to us by people who don’t see who we really are. Someone said about a dear friend of mine, “You don’t want to be involved with that person. He’s got too much baggage.” I can’t accept that, not for a believer, not for anyone. So my response was, “I don’t think he has any baggage. I think he has luggage that he hasn’t unpacked yet.”

Baggage is like going on vacation to the Florida Keys when your bags have been packed by your worst enemy, and when you get to the hotel and you’ve got a great room overlooking the beach, you unpack your suitcase and it’s full of Arctic polarwear! Your bags have always been packed by somebody else. Continue reading