Make Yourself Vulnerable to God


Because we are in Jesus and He is in us, we are learning the lifestyle of the power of THE ONE with the one. Jesus is the catalyst for all our spiritual development. “In Him we live, and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

That means we are completely open to all the fullness of God in Christ Jesus. “Of His fullness have we all received, and grace upon grace” (John 1:16). Our goal in life with God is to reach such a saturation point that as God continues to pour Himself out on us so we overflow to all around us. Continue reading


What a Promise from God Really Means


Opportunities come to us in a place of confinement. When we feel boxed in and closed in by circumstances and situations and maybe people, your promise is a key that unlocks that door and sets you free. I am the Truth, Jesus said. I am the Way, I am the Life, and the truth will set you free. And the truth is you have got a promise right now that unlocks your cell. Stay or go. Be a prisoner of your circumstances or learn to be free.

Promises thrive next to a problem. We are all learning to possess what God has spoken. We are not any longer just natural people. We are learning to be citizens of Heaven. Continue reading

Question of the Month with Graham Cooke


The deepest revelation I’ve had about the nature of God that really changed my whole approach to walking with God was the one where He began to talk to me about His kindness. He just made the statement, “Graham, I am going to teach you about the lovingkindness of the Lord. I am going to address some things in your life in a really joyful way. But I want to show you who I want to be for you.” So He began to talk to me about kindness.

I grew up with a dad who did the best he could, but he wasn’t particularly kind. In turn I grew up with a kind of rough idea of God in terms of the roughness of a father, the discipline of a father, and so on and so forth. Those are good things in and of themselves, but they don’t really make you want to hang around and have a conversation.

So the Lord said to me, “I am going to teach you about the relentless kindness of God.” Continue reading

What Does it Mean to Be Challenged by Goodness?

What do you currently believe about God’s love for you? What do you believe about His majesty and His goodness? Is it astonishing? Is it breath-taking?

If it’s not, you need an upgraded perspective on the glory of God and the beauty of living as His beloved child. The goodness of God doesn’t conform to logic because logic can only make sense of what exists in this world. You have to let go of worldly thinking and accept that nothing about God is worldly. Nothing about Him is ordinary, and that means nothing about your relationship with Him can be ordinary either!

In “We Are Only Challenged By Goodness”, one of the many incredible teachings from The Art of Thinking Brilliantly, Graham explores just how outrageous the goodness of God can be. By listening you will gain a better insight into how expansive God’s lovingkindness is and you will gain better insight into how to experience that goodness at all times. The entire teaching “We Are Only Challenged By Goodness” is available to listen to on Youtube for free! Check it out:

The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

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