Question of the Month: Why is it so vital to practice peace?


If you want to be a warrior in the spirit, you are constantly embattled. You live happily in the clash between two Kingdoms every day.

I never look for a day off in the spirit, I just look for more rest and more joy. That doesn’t mean I am fighting every single day, it just means I am ready for a fight every single day. So, I practice peace, rest and stillness every day because it’s an intrinsic part of who Jesus is and so we should want that happening in our own lives and circumstances.  Continue reading


Under the Pressure of Peace

What if faith is about the joy and peace in believing?

There are key areas of our lives that are under constant attack. In each area God is developing us to respond to Him joyfully in the pressures of life and warfare.

What if peace is actually the biggest pressure you can ever have? What if God wants you to feel the joyful, wonderful pressure of being the Beloved? What if faith is about the joy and the peace in believing? Peace is an equalizing pressure on the inside. You may have 1000 pounds per square inch of pressure from the outside, but peace is 1001 pounds of pressure on the inside to be still.

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Question of the Month with Graham Cooke


The deepest revelation I’ve had about the nature of God that really changed my whole approach to walking with God was the one where He began to talk to me about His kindness. He just made the statement, “Graham, I am going to teach you about the lovingkindness of the Lord. I am going to address some things in your life in a really joyful way. But I want to show you who I want to be for you.” So He began to talk to me about kindness.

I grew up with a dad who did the best he could, but he wasn’t particularly kind. In turn I grew up with a kind of rough idea of God in terms of the roughness of a father, the discipline of a father, and so on and so forth. Those are good things in and of themselves, but they don’t really make you want to hang around and have a conversation.

So the Lord said to me, “I am going to teach you about the relentless kindness of God.” Continue reading

Taking the Goodness Challenge


In the fourth session of The Art of Thinking Brilliantly, Graham said:

“What if we cannot be challenged by life, by oppositional people, or by the enemy. What if we can only ever be challenged by the goodness of God?

If you accept your circumstances as a challenge from the enemy, then you have to do warfare. The enemy loves to draw you into warfare that is never going to go anywhere, that is just designed to weary you…you never fight the enemy on his terms. Just because he shows up rattling his sword against his shield doesn’t mean you have to fight him. You fight him when God tells you to fight him.

Satan doesn’t want you opposing him in the fruit of the Spirit. He wants you using your own energy to take authority over him so he can wear you out. He distracts you into a fight. Your role is to stay and abide in Jesus, and you only fight when Jesus tells you to fight.”

I’m a warrior by nature. I love a good fight, which works well for me in a lot of things, not so much in others. Always being up for a battle has its pitfalls and one of them is, I’ve often been a sucker for the obvious fight. I remember listening to this talk when Graham gave it five years ago and thinking, “Yeah that’s me…and that’s going to need to change.” Continue reading