Glorying in the Fatherhood of God

Becoming the Beloved is a Devotional Soaking teaching which includes six prophetic words spoken over softly playing music. Glorying in the Fatherhood of God is one of the prophetic words from Becoming the Beloved:

I know everything about you. All things are open to me; your life is an open book, easy for me to read. I know which chapter of your life you are in right now. I also know the chapters that are to come. I know you, and I understand you. I am acquainted with every single thought, action and emotion that you have. I understand you a thousand times better than you understand yourself. You are unaware of how much I protect you and keep you. I have put a hedge of my love around you. My hand is upon you. You need to believe this, and then you will experience it at work in your life.

Allow my Spirit to touch you with the wonder of my love. Allow your heart to be touched by my excitement for you. I am a God full of delight and joy. My happiness fills all things and upholds all things. Fix your heart on my heart. Your prime motivation is to know Me and to worship Me. Worship is a key for you. Worship is the door by which you enter my Presence and experience the fullness of My love and grace.

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Everything in Life Is an Invitation from God

Every day God is trying to renew our minds so that we can better discover His heart and His hope for our lives. He sees who we really are and He is patiently guiding us into that awareness. It is our right and our joyful obligation to step into our Kingdom identities and live at the level the Father sees us at.
In the soaking teaching Thinking with God, Graham unfolds the perspective of Heaven over our lives. He unpacks the ways we can partner with God in all our circumstances to start seeing our lives the way He does. Listen to the first part of Thinking with God, Everything in Life Is an Invitation from God:

thinkingwithgodThis month Thinking with God and the entire Devotional Soaking Series was released as a digital download, although physical copies are also available at Brilliant Book House. Each teaching in the Devotional Soaking Series includes a short companion workbook to help guide your thinking. Learn more about Thinking with God.

Soaking: How to Enter into Rest

Rest is a vital part of a rich, powerful spiritual life and it can also be one of the hardest habits to get into. Rest opens up a door for quiet communication with God where you can explore new depths of relationship with Him. In rest you can fully realize His heart for you and His plans for your future.

Soaking CDs are a great tool to help you access that place of peace and calm needed for intentional devotional time. Listen to Graham talk about the importance of soaking in this video:

Graham has a variety of soaking teachings available at Brilliant Book House, and until midnight tonight (PST) you can purchase any of the soaking CDs in the Soaking CD Collection for just $5!
The Soaking CD Collection includes Clothed in His Presence, The Kind Intentions of God, Prophetic Soaking and Rise Up a Warrior. Each of these messages have a unique perspective on coming into a place of rest, but all of them will certainly refresh you as you contemplate new dimensions and new depths of habitation in the Spirit.

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Be Constantly Refreshed by the Goodness of God

You are not ordinary. In the eyes of the Father you will never be anything but extraordinary. And you need to learn to live life here on Earth the way you are known in Heaven. Allow yourself to be seen the way the Father sees you. Learn to live your life bathed in kindness, and allow that to make you constantly refreshed.

When you see yourself the way the Father sees you, you will always be fit for battle because the enemy has nothing on you. When you learn to abide in the love and favor and majesty of God, every circumstance becomes an opportunity to become closer to the Father, to be lavished again in His unceasing kindness.

In The Kind Intentions of God, Graham unwraps many of the treasures of God’s kindness in a way that is relaxing and refreshing. Listen to a clip from The Kind Intentions of God:

The Kind Intentions of God and the rest of the Soaking CD Collection are on special offer through the end of February, and each soaking CD is just $5! Soaking CDs make great gifts and are a perfect way to get back into devotional time with the Father.
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