Attacking Negative Thoughts through Prayer: A Lesson in Clothed in His Presence

We must be prepared for battle against the enemy by knowing how to take negative thoughts captive and attack them through prayer. In order to ready our minds for battle we must be constantly refreshed in the spirit. We can always be refreshed through fellowship and conversation with the Father; we just need to be able to access the peace and focus to do so.

Clothed in His Presence is one of Graham’s most powerful soaking teachings and it will lead you into a time of peaceful reflection and a new understanding of how to abide in the Father. Listen to this clip from Clothed in His Presence:


This teaching as well as the rest of the Soaking CD Collection are available for $5 each all month long. Allow this prophetic word to influence you and help you to establish a new level of relationship with the Father.

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Prophetic Soaking: Refresh & Renew through Devotional Time

Life can be busy, overwhelming and stressful when we don’t make time for fellowship with the Father. Soaking teachings are a great way to reconnect and refocus on the Father and all He wants to be for you. This month at Brilliant Book House all the soaking CDs in The Soaking CD Collection are available for $5 each.

Among those teachings is Prophetic Soaking—a quiet, uplifting message about all the Father’s love for you and His passion for who you are in the Kingdom. Listen to a clip of Prophetic Soaking:

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