What Does God See When He Looks at You?


When God looks  at you, what does He see? What if He sees His majesty in you? What if He sees Himself? What if He put Jesus into you…Oh, wait! He did!

All of Heaven is attracted to Jesus in you. So He put you into Jesus to give you a taste of majesty. Because of this, it’s no longer viable for us to concentrate on what we are not. That’s a poverty spirit. A poverty spirit is not about economics, it’s about living with meager possibilities. You’re in Christ. We are learning to grow up into all things in Christ. We have a mindset that has all the possibilities of transformational thinking. Continue reading


Led by the Spirit


Being conscious of what God wants to do aligns us with Him and builds our resistance to the schemes of the enemy. As we resist what the devil wants to do, a desire forms to utterly defeat him. A passionate love for Jesus, combined with an intense hatred of the enemy, pushes us into alignment with the Holy Spirit. In the busyness of everyday life, we can sometimes drift into spiritual unconsciousness, sleeping through everything God is doing around us. But the Holy Spirit can bring us back in a split second; we just have to ask Him.

When the Holy Spirit is active within us, the fruit of self-control will always neutralize our flesh. We follow the Holy Spirit — He doesn’t follow us. We are learning to be led by Him, especially in character issues. God wants us to live in an internal calm that produces harmony that flows to other people. Continue reading

Intimacy Intimidates the Enemy


A spiritual warrior knows that our capacity to approach God and to receive mercy will be one of the most distinguishing features of our walk in the spirit. It’s so brilliant on days just to let the mercy of God overwhelm your heart. To let the goodness of God fill up all your internal spaces in your heart, in your head, in your circumstances. It is this boldness in being able to come to God; it’s our sense of expectation that actually is going to be a huge inspiration to other people.

We are so welcome to come to God, and the Holy Spirit is going to help us tread a well-worn path into God’s presence. The grace of God will overwhelm us many, many, many times, and I hope you understand that: that it is your pleasure to be overwhelmed by God. We are not here to be overwhelmed by life, by circumstances, by the wickedness of people, by what the enemy is trying to accomplish. We are here to be overwhelmed by Who God is for us, and there is a supreme confidence in God’s nature which, when combined with our humility, grants us this great and continuous access because we know that we belong to God and we have an utter conviction that we belong in His presence. Warriors therefore practice looking at the face of God. They want to live just one more day under His smile. Continue reading

A Warrior’s Perception of Reality


Spiritual warriors do not get distracted; they are focused on waiting on God. Their eyes are searching for Him in every situation. Where is God? What does He want to do? They allow themselves to be drawn by the Spirit. Because these warriors know how to find God in even the most difficult situations, they can break through for themselves — and for other people.

Our ability to line up with God’s will is what causes us to break through. There are no easy wins in life. If a Christian has a lazy, flabby will that needs building up, they will have to exercise it through some hard times. The more we exercise our will, the stronger our focus on God becomes.

Faith and focus depend on will and spirit combining. The enemy will always attack our mind and emotions in order to subvert the will. He knows that if he loses his grip on a human’s will, he will be in trouble. But to outright attack someone’s will is difficult; manipulating it through emotions and mindset is much easier. Continue reading